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CUBA: The Disaster of Castro's Revolution

This book, "CUBA: The Disaster of  Castro's Revolution", analyses the current situation existing in Cuba and describes in detail the real disaster caused in every aspect of Cuban life by the so-called revolution of Fidel Castro, including how it has affected the different components of Cuban society

The author gives detailed summary of the main indicators of the Cuban economy and society before 1959, when Fidel Castro took power, indicating how they compared favorably at that time with other countries of the world, including many which are considered part of the developed world in our days. 

The book demystifies numerous aspects of Castro's propaganda that his followers have considered as great achievements of his government and puts them in perspective in regard to what Cuba could have had nowadays if it had been ruled by democratically elected governments. The book profusely documents the system of corruption and privilege established in the island and analyses the obscure role of Castro in a number of important events related to the United States, including references to his links with drug traffic, money laundry and the promotion of terrorism activities, among other criminal activities. 

One of the aspects the book describes in more detail is the lack of political freedom and the repression of independent thinking and free expression existing in the island, which is part of the overall control on everybody's life established by Castro, which is implemented by a gigantic machinery of terror and survelliance.

The book describes the role of Cuban military and intelligence in numerous important events of world politics during the past five decades, including their role in Africa, Latin America and other regions of the world and it includes some questioning about the possible role of Castro in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It considers Castro's interpretation of foreign policy and the way he has disregarded all norms of international behavior. 

The book also discusses the case of the enormous debt accumulated by Castro's government and how many of these resources have been deviated to well camouflaged foreign accounts and investments by Castro and some of the top people around him. 

One of the interesting things about this book is the analysis it makes about the situation of youth, women and blacks within the present Cuban society and the detailed description about how the people in general live and how this has evolved under Castro's tyranny

It also includes an analysis of the exiled Cuban community. Andres Solares discusses the real facts behind Castro's long tenure of power and shows the contradictions between what he and his supporters say and the crude reality of what happens in Cuba. His book also enters in details about the degrees of decomposition existing at all levels of the political establishment of this obsolete communist regime

The book describes the enormous damage caused by Castro's policies to the environment of the island and the state of destruction of all the main networks of services, as well as the stagnant conditions of the economy. It includes the author's views on the different possible scenarios for Cuban political future, once Castro and his brother, one way or another, are no longer able to control Cuba. 

This book is a strong denounce of the longest dictatorship that has existed in America and it serves as an eye opener for all those who ignore the crude reality of what happens in that beutiful country. It is also a moral message of hope for a better future for the Cuban people

Mr.Solares has used his professional and personal experience, together with his direct knowledge of the Cuban society and economy, to give us a very intersting account of the situation in his country, which will serve those who read it to comprehend better what we can expect there.

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About the Author

Andres Solares is a former Cuban political prisoner, who was imprisoned for trying to create a new political party in the island to oppose Fidel Castro's policies. He was freed thanks to a worldwide campaign promoted by Amnesty International, America's Watch and Of Human Rights, the personal intervention of Senators Robert Dole and Edward Kennedy and the requests of the American Congress and British authorities. He is a Civil Engineer specialized in Economics in Great Britain and he lectured post-graduate courses on these subjects in Cuba. He has carried on and published numerous studies on Cuban matters. He lives in Miami with his wife Adriana and their children and family.

Repression never stops in Cuba. Detention of the dissident Ivonne Mayesa Galano

On Aug 5, 2011, Ivonne Mayesa Galano was detained (video) when she was heading to a meeting with other dissidents. She was beaten and kept in the Police Station for several hours without any formal charges. She was detained and beaten again last Monday, Aug 8.

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