Saturday, August 20, 2011

Celebrating Life in Union

A story of resilience and brotherhood.

Our Story

Celebrating Life in Union is a 90-minute documentary (in post-production) of human resilience, community, and brotherhood. It follows a group of former Cuban political prisoners through their memory of imprisonment, physical and mental tortures and their half-century fight with the aging Castro regime. Having developed a strong community for themselves that now crosses three generations in Union City, NJ they struggle with the realization that their own mortality may come before they can return to their homeland.

Our intension is to give a platform to this group of courageous men and to send a message to the world that human rights and, and freedom of speech are a priceless commodity that should never be lost under any circumstance.

What We Need & What You Get

We have shot over 30 hours of footage in Union City New Jersey with these courageous men, their community, friends and families. We are in the post-production stage of the documentary. For this particular campaign we are trying to raise $3,500 for the post-production of the documentary.

Each supporter that gives $1,000 will receive a single credit thank you title in the credits of the film, and a copy of the edited documentary.

A $100 dollar donation gives each supported a copy of the edited documentary an invitation to events related to the documentary

Supporters from $50 and up will receive a copy of the edited documentary.

Supporters from $25 and up will receive special thanks from the producers, and information about the events related to the documentary.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please, please donate and get the word out. We need all the help we can get to finish and help. 

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