Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Take Five

The so called "Five".

Do you know about the Cuban Five? They are not a mambo band (although maybe a quintet should pick up the name). They are a group of Cuban spies, imprisoned in the United States. And they are a big, big cause on the left. I mention them in my “Oslo Journal” today – because some leafleters were leafleting for them. The Cuban Five are much leafleted.

They were convicted of espionage and conspiracy to commit murder. And, needless to say, they were afforded all of the rights, privileges, and advantages of our system: including multiple appeals. One of the five was convicted for his role in the Castro government’s shootdown of two Brothers to the Rescue planes in 1996. Those planes were in international airspace. The attack killed three U.S. citizens and one permanent resident.

But whatever, you know? No need to get all right-wing about it.

Recently, Jimmy Carter called for the release of the Cuban Five. He was on Cuban soil. That’s our 39th president. Luckily, he did not call for the five to join the Gaza flotilla.

Anyway, I received a letter from a reader, which I now share:
"I live in Basel, Switzerland . . . I was walking around on May 1st at the Basel jazzfest and saw a booth that was advocating the release of these “Cuban Five.” I thought it was strange that a group was trying to get only five political prisoners out of the Castros’ jails. When I went up to the booth to ask why so few, they quickly informed me that they were protesting the “illegal” holding of five Cuban nationals by the U.S. government.

Because I was somewhat fearful for my safety, I did not ask them about the Cuban political prisoners being held by the Cuban dictatorship. I’m disappointed in myself for not speaking up, but I have learned that the Left, especially in Europe, does not take kindly to dissent.
It really amazes me how some people’s hatred of the U.S. can twist their logic. . . ."
Yeah, kind of amazing. Allow me to quote from my journal today: “Wouldn’t it be nice if ‘progressives,’ for once in their lives, leafleted about Cuban prisoners of conscience — the political prisoners of the Castro brothers and their dictatorship? First, pigs will fly, to the moon.”

No, I was not channeling Ralph Kramden, consciously.

by Jay Nordlinger 

Source: National Review Online

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