Monday, November 1, 2010

"Women in White" - A documentary about the Ladies in White

More "guts" than the rulers of Cuba.
Narrated by Andy Garcia, the 55 minute documentary, The Women in White, tells the story of courageous Cuban women trying to free their imprisoned men.

In March 2003, Castro ordered a crackdown of dissidents.  His secret police arrested 75 men – journalists, writers and human rights activists – during three nights now known as “Black Spring.”

Two weeks later, the men’s wives, mothers, daughters and sisters gathered to pray for the release of their loved ones.  In that crystallized moment, “Las Damas De Blanco” was born. Every Sunday since, the women dress in white and silently walk the streets of Havana. 

This documentary was finished last year. Some things have changed since then, but many political prisoners still remain in jail and their wives, daughters and mothers continue to fight for their freedom.

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