Monday, July 5, 2010

Cuban Political Dissenter Could Die from Hunger Strike

By  themerryonion
Guillermo Farinas, 48, has been on a hunger strike since February to demand the release of ill political prisoners in Cuba. He is now at the hospital being fed via intravenous injection.
However, a blood clot has formed in his neck, which could impede the flow of blood to his heart.
Doctors will not force feed the man, since that is against medical ethics.
Farinas is a psychologist and freelance journalist who often reports in contravention of Cuban media restrictions. He began his strike after a political prisoner, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, died in jail from his own hunger strike.
The Cuban government denies the existence of political prisoners, claiming that all prisoners are either common criminals or "mercenaries" of the United States.
They refuse to be "blackmailed" by Farinas and feel that it will be his own fault if he dies.
Farinas is calling for the release of 26 specific prisoners who are ill.

From: AllVoices 

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